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Media Information
You are invited to read news articles about the EDC and the businesses we have worked with.

6/9 CCEDC and Longville Business Leaders Discuss Future
6/1 Jaimee Meyer Guest Rotary Speaker in Walker
5/28 NJPA Grant Request from County
5/10 Walker Spring Job Fair
4/20 City of Pine River Discusses EDC as LDO for MIF Funds
4/12 Walker Spring Job Fair
4/6 Walker Spring Job Fair




5/16 EDC Meets Charity Review Standards
5/11 EDC Board Cleans Beuber Lake Access
4/29 Job Portal Page
4/20 Travis Kelly - MN SBA Young Enterpreneur of the Year
4/22 Mann Lake Growning, Work Force Not
4/22 Completed two projects
3/06 Small Cities Grant Backus/Longville
2/12 CLC Nursing Training in Pine River
1/15 Entrepeneur Day in Remer
1/14 Walker Assisted Living Project



12/29 Woodland Bank Donates to the EDC
12/09 Lee's Welding & Repair Receives Plaque
12/08 Northern Sales & Mfg. Receives Plaque
11/12 Decade of Success
10/30 Positive World- Jim Benson EDC Speaker
10/30 EDC Projects Outlined at Annual Meeting
9/19 Reeds Receives Plaque
9/11 Backus, Cass County EDC partner on loan fund
9/3 Cass County to gain population in over 65 age bracket
8/29 Family Dollar in Cass Lake receives plaque
8/27 EDC is One Stop Shop
8/21 Backwoods Furniture Receives Plaque
8/20 Cass County Board: County demographics presented to commissioners
8/9 Cass County EDC higlights Director Jay Pederson

7/31 Northern Sales & Manufacturing continuing to grow
7/10 Pine River Bakery Changes Ownership
7/18 Bayside Cabins and Resort Receive Plaque
7/21 Young Auto Parts Receive Plaque
6/30 Why call an economic developer
5/11 CCEDC Highlignt Entreprenuers
4/29 Lee's Welding Shop Breaks Ground
4/12 Business Basic Seminar
3/31 EDC personnel attend business lending training
3/6 Montevideo Firm to Add Pine River Factory
3/6 Northern Sales & Mfg. Obtains MIF Loan  
3/6 Cass EDC Helps New Welding Business
2/19  DEED Grant Approved for Pine River Business
2/4 Pine River Applies for Redevelopment Grant
2/4 Final SCDP Grant App. to be Submitted
1/28 Cass Cty Supports MIF Grant App.
1/21 Potential MN Investment Fund
1/7 Board Director Highlights EDC Membership


12/17 Pine River Seeks Redevelop. Grant
12/3 MBFC--EDC's Member of the Year
11/6 Cass Lake Family Dollar & Northern Peace Funeral Home
11/5 City Revolving Loan Funds
10/25 Marie Rose Board Director Highlight
10/12 "2013 Annual Meeting" at Chase Hotel
10/1 Dan Meier--EDC Board Member Bio
9/27 Banaian Speaker at EDC Annual Mtg.
8/13 TIF Authorized for Reed's Expansion
7/23 Cass Settles Final Labor Agreement
7/23 SCDP Informational Mtg. Called
7/16 Formation of TIF District Unchallenged
7/12 EDC Board Director Highlights Cy Struss
7/5 Tourism Impacts Economy
6/20 Membership Match Offered to EDC

6/15 EDC Board Member Highlights His Role
6/4 Backus Council hears Eveland's Intention to Expand
5/28 Tele-Pharm. Services in Longville
5/19 Couple Opens Pharmacy in Longville
5/10 JOBZ Results in Cass County
4/3 CavCom Pres.-SBA Encore Entrepreneur
3/22 Increased Business Planning Ops
3/21 EDC Adds 2nd SBDC Counselor
2/13 Cass Defers Sale of AGC
2/5 Council begins Small Cities Grant Process
2/5 AGC Sale Delayed by Cass Board
1/30 Sen. Klobuchar visits Next Innovations
1/16 Two Developers Eye AGC Site
1/8 Development Project Considered for AGC


1/4-Economy is on the uptick:
1/4-Get Educated in Cass County
1/9-Register for Spring Term
1/10-CLC EZ Registration
1/20-Special Scholarship Fund
1/23-Initiative Foundation Scholarship
1/25 – Business Subsidy Policy
1/29-SCDP Grant Funding Available
2/2- SCDP Funding Still Available
2/7-Cass County Contribution
2/24-Business Basics Seminar in Walker
3/7-Business Basics in Walker
3/14-East Gull Lake Donation
3/21-Trussworthy Components
3/21-Social Media Workshop
4/4-Quickbooks Workshop
4/20-Starting New Businesses in Cass County
5/2 – Technology Training
5/10 – Small Cities Grant Opportunities
5/29 Next Innovations CEO Receives Gov's Commendation
7/5 – Quick Books Training
7/11 – Computer Lab Training
8/7 - Businesses Want to Expand
8/13 - Hackensack Seeks SCDP Commercial
9/28 - Challenge to EDC
10/4 - Area Businesses Thank Cass EDC


1/19-EDC Grant
2/17-SBDC Cites EDC Partnership
2/17-EDC Seeks Rehab Properties
4/20-Small Cities
5/25-Federal Reserve Speaker
6/1-Partnering with CLC
6/16-EDC/CLC reaching out
6/17-SCDP Funds available
7/12-Community Outreach Site/CLC
7/29-2011 Annual Report
9/27-Free Computer Classes being Offered
10/15-Annual Meeting Scheduled
10/28-Local Business Highlighted
10/30-Partnerships are a key to progress
11/7-"Be a Leader" 2011 Annual Meeting
11/16-EDC Update
12/28-New Board Members
12/29-Community Outreach Site


1/13-Hackensack/Walker SCDP Grant
2/24-New Business Start-up
3/17-Cash Flow Seminar
3/17-2-Existing Business Seminar
3/17-3-Benefit Communities
4/7-Pine River Commercial Grants
4/8-Lake Land News Video
4/10-Target area for SCDP
5/5-CCEDC Update
5/22-Kangas seeks re-election
5/26-Rehab Funds Available
6/16-Inititative Foundation Grant
6/16-2-State Grant
6/16-3-Initiative Foundation Funding
6/23-SCDP Meeting
6/23-2-SCDP Meeting
6/30-CCEDC Host Legislative meeting
7/10-Leech Lake Brewing Company
8/14-Spray Tan
8/18-Housing Rehab funds expanded
9/8-CCEDC Challenge Fund
9/10-Challenge Fund
9/20-Terry J. Fitzgerald
10/13-Annual Meeting
10/13-2-Annual Meeting
10/16-CCEDC Update
10/25-Riverside Assisted Living
10/25-2-Federal Reserve Speaker
10/27-CCEDC Celebrates Success
11/3-Economy Improving
11/23-Tour of AGC Campus
12/10-CCEDC News
12/22-Counseling Services


2/19-Business Improvements
2/25-Lakeshore Donations
4/2-AgStar Grant
6/27-Legislator Meeting
7/18-SCDP-Pine River
8/5-SCDP Progress Report
8/7-SCDP Progress Report
8/13-Grant Funding-Home Rehab
8/27-Grant Funding Still Available
10/14-Annual Meeting
10/21-Congressman at Annual Meeting
10/31-Cedarwood Floral
11/11-Congressman Notes
12/9-Behavior Wizards
12/16- CCEDC Elects Officers


1/9-Gail Leverson Biography
1/12-Trussworthy Components
1/24-Fall Conference
2/20-Ordinance Review
4/4-Succeeding Today
4/4-2-Marketing & Competing
5/21- Pine River Rehab Program
5/22-CCEDC Update
7/10-6 Month Progress Report
7/26-Chase on the Lake
8/2-Trails RV Park
8/28-Grant Funding
10/29- Evelands, Inc.
10/29-2-Universal Templates
11/12-Success Stories
11/15-Manufactures Honored
12/19-Ah-Gwah-Ching Plan


11/6-Annual Report
11/7- Quality Innovation
11/10-Hackensack Clinic


3/23- Council Meeting
6/15-DEED Grant
11/8- Annual Report
12/14-CCEDC Move to Backus


10/13-JOBZ Business Incentive Program

Huntin’ Shack Bar & Grill
Owner LaVonne Lee. The EDC worked with LaVonne for a year and half helping her identify options to best suite her needs.
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